From Deputy Sheriff to Barber…

Stepping into The Hair Shop For Men, with its upscale decor, hardwood floors and leather barber chairs, is a step back in time to a place where men were treated like men and given the great quality, atmosphere and service they deserve.  Men, both young and old, do not belong in a women’s salon.  We embrace the philosophy that some doors were made for a man to walk through and one of those is a barbershop.

As a retired Detective with the Sheriff’s Office for over 20 years, owner Scott Young, believes two things allowed him to prosper within his agency.  They were dedication to helping the community and his ability to talk to people.  “I have had the pleasure of providing care and service to thousands of people and I truly believe I can continue this endeavor with professional grooming services exclusively for men”.

Licensed to cut hair since 2002, I’ve witnessed firsthand over the years, how a man’s grooming needs were cast aside by uni-sex salons and services catering to a lady.  From chemical odors to women’s magazines, a gentleman had little or no establishments left for a man to be a man.

In 2012 I decided to open my first Hair Shop For Men. A place reminiscent of the days when my father took me as a boy, to Jerry’s Barbershop in Paterson New Jersey.  A gathering place for men to network, talk about sports, read the local newspaper and tell lies about women, respectfully of course.  A  place where a gentleman could get a good hair cut, hot lather shave, a cold beverage and a fine cigar.  At The Hair Shop For Men, we embrace manliness and sophistication and strive to set the benchmark in men’s grooming.  So pull up a chair, relax, grab some reading material and unwind.

“Because looking good is just as important as feeling good”.

Thanks for your patronage and stay safe!


S. David Young


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